Picnic Quads is located in Central New York state and operated by an individual RC enthusiast aiming to offer a wide selection of micro and mini multirotor frames and accessories.

Shipments are all via first class USPS and are typically made 1-2 times a week.  Some orders may take up to 1 week to ship.  Back ordered items are typically shipped within 2 weeks. Shipments must be addressed to a Paypal confirmed address. Shipping prices are fixed at $3.00 for US addresses and $14.00 for all international.  Please use the Contact page for additional inquiries.

International shipments are limited to a maximum of $100 in merchandise and typically arrive within 2-3 weeks with a maximum delivery time of 45 days.  Larger orders are possible, however additional shipping costs may be required.
Please use the Contact page if interested in a making a larger purchase from outside the United States.
International orders will be posted as merchandise for the total cost of parts purchased.  Customers are responsible for any local customs fees.

Please note cancellations to “In Process” orders will include a $0.30 fee charged by Paypal.  To add to an existing in process order, place an additional order and include an order note requesting combined orders.  Once shipped, the shipping charge (minus $0.50 Paypal processing fee) will be refunded for the additional order(s).

For NYS residents only, tax will be collected on purchases made within New York state and is estimated along with shipping at the time of payment.   These costs will be verified and confirmed at the time of shipment.

Please note Picnic Quads cannot guarantee all frames available will be completely compatible with the vast array of multi-copter components on the market.   Frames are however guaranteed against manufacturing defects\errors.  If you are uncertain or curious about component compatibility this RCgroups thread includes many builds and information to reference, or use the Contact page to inquire.