Cleanflight 2.0

Cleanflight 2.0 Upgrade notes

If you’re using Cleanflight and have a flight controller with firmware earlier than version 2.0 the latest configurator will not connect with your controller.  The following message will be displayed when attempting to connect:
“The Firmware on this device needs upgrading to a newer version.  Use CLI for backup before flashing.  CLI backup/restore procedure is in the documentation.  Alternatively download and use an old version of the configurator if you are not ready to upgrade.”

There are 2 options available to remedy this, and will be outlined below:

1: Installing and using an older version of the configurator

Go to:

Download the .zip file for the version desired (1.2.4 is suggested) and unzip it into a folder in a convenient location

Open Chrome and enter Extensions menu drop the options dropdown












In the Extensions menu ensure the “Developer mode” box is checked and then select the Load unpacked extension option




Select the folder containing the contents previously unzipped.  Once the installation is complete the selected version of Cleanflight can be enabled.  If other versions are installed they will also be displayed and can be enabled as shown.










2: Updating flight controller(s) to version 2.0+ 

Open Cleanflight configurator (version 2.0+) and Press “Connect” Button.

The firmware update notice should pop-up.  [X] Close out the warning message to enter CLI mode.

In the CLI command line type “Dump” and then enter, Dump data will be displayed.  Scroll to the top, copy all text below “# dump master” and paste into notepad or other text editor.   Press Disconnect.

Select “Firmware flasher” from the Cleanflight side menu

Select the board (Naze) and Firmware version (2.0+) to flash to the flight controller from the drop downs then click “Load Firmware [Online]”

Once firmware is loaded, connect Flight controller via USB connection and click “Flash Firmware”.  Once the firmware flash is completed the flight controller should reboot and be ready to connect to the Cleanflight configurator 2.0.

Note: If firmware erase/flash failure occurs, reset USB connection and retry.

Go back to the CLI command line and paste all the contents from the saved dump file.
Press enter, then type save and press enter again to save.