62 size wire gauge drill bit


These drill bits can be used to increase the depth of the hole in a propeller designed to fit onto 1mm shaft.  This helps prevent damage to motors during crashes as shown in the video below.

Care should be taken using these bits as they are sharp and fragile.  Power tools are not necessary and can be gently turned by hand with a pair of pliers, drill chuck or similar tool.  The drill bit is inserted into the propellers hole and rotated clockwise while applying gentle pressure until the depth of the hole is deeper than the motor shaft.

Please note, this is relatively easy to do, however there is a chance the bit may not drill straight if too much force is applied or the bit is not held reasonably straight when drilling.  Please plan accordingly and remember spare propellers are typically much cheaper and easier to replace than motors.


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Uncoated (Bright Finish)Drill Bit
Size 62 Wire Gauge Size
118° Point Angle
Overall Length 1 1/2
Drilling Depth 0.6″