Adhesives, Velcro, Motor caps, O-rings and rubber banding



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Black/white vinyl caps for 6-7mm brushed motors: 0.5g approximate weight, can be slipped over motor to help protect the motor base and wires.

Black vinyl caps for 8.5mm brushed motors: 0.6g approximate weight, can be slipped over motor to help protect the motor base and wires.

#003 O-rings: 0.02g approximate weight, used on variable frame boom arms and accessory plate installation

#004 O-rings: 0.03g approximate weight,  used for all micro platform accessory plate installation

Clear Micro rubber bands (Latex free):  0.01g approximate weight each.  Work great for securing motor wires to boom arms on frames.  These may also be used on the mini frames to help secure wires and even ESCs.

Double sided foam tape mounting pads: 0.3g approximate weight for 1 full 1″X 1″ foam pad.

Mini Battery Strap: 0.9g approximate weight, 8″ long X 0.5″ used to secure batteries to mini frames.  Can also be trimmed down to work with micro frames.  Supplied randomly in either full black or with grey on one side.

6″ Length Dual Lock 3X Velcro: 6.6g approximate weight Used to increase attachment of batteries to mini frames when used with a mini battery strap or solely as a quick and easy method of getting a reliable battery attachment.