BH 87 & 110 FPV(Prototype)

Designed to be compatible with the components from the Babyhawk and similar builds using 1104-1106 motors.
Includes 16X16mm and 45° offset 20X20mm center mount holes to accommodate upgrades and custom builds.
Mounting holes for optional Nano FPV pod and stock Babyhawk camera mount.
Available in 87mm size for up to 2.4″ propellers and 110mm size for up to 3″ propellers.

Please note this is an introductory, limited offering (1 frame per customer) to gather feedback on these frames.
Polycarbonate frames are being offered free (except shipping) and CF/Birch frame cost reduced significantly.
Feedback is requested and greatly appreciated.  If you get one of these frames please share your thoughts by leaving a review below or e-mailing

*Carbon fiber is conductive, ensure all electronics are electrically isolated from any carbon surfaces!
*Standoffs/spacers used in assembled FPV pod pictured were colored using a permanent marker.


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