The Dragonfly is an integrated frame designed to resemble a dragonfly in flight.  At just under 100mm diagonally between motor centers and with 8.5mm motor mounts, the Dragonfly features much larger “wings” and tail section which encompass commonly used micro propellers.  This helps to provide some protection against light bumps and crashes, which can be helpful for FPV use.

Weighing in at only 9-10 grams, with more powerful 8.5mm motors the Dragonfly can also result in a very capable acrobatic quadcopter.  The larger profile of this frame certainly adds a new look and increases visibility significantly.

3 2-56 threaded holes are located at the outer edges of the frame, allowing included screws to be threaded into the frame to act as a landing skid and also help protect the bottom of each motor.

*Now available with protective antennae or without for a more anatomically correct look



Dragonfly frames are manufactured from 1/8″ thick clear Polycarbonate material.


Using the screws as landing skids, An Inverted setup as shown below may also be constructed.
Dragonfly Assembled