Efficiency FPV Racer Series

For maximum speed and performance an X shaped frame is often preferred, however they typically don’t provide adequate surface area for mounting FPV equipment.  The Micro FPV racer was developed based on the Efficiency X  shaped frame, and features mounting holes to attach a selection of accessory plates which can be used to increase mounting area.

Use the options below to configure the efficiency FPV racer frame of your choice. Components from each category may be purchased individually if a complete frame is not desired.  Hardware is included with accessory plates, however if plates will be positioned both above and below the main frame, a set of 2-56 standoffs are suggested and are available form the hardware page.

*Note: Wide arm frames are available for increased durability and require 8.5mm wide arm mounts which will not secure to standard (non-wide arm) frames.



Frame Size: Refers to approximate distance diagonally between motor centers.
Wide arm CF/Birch core frames are available for added stiffness and durability and require wide arm motor mounts.
Carbon Fiber / Birch Core frames include 2-56 clearance holes for accessory plate mounting.
Integrated Polycarbonate frames include 2-56 threaded holes for accessory plate mounting and near each motor mount.
Polycarbonate frames feature cutouts /slots to install 3mm LEDs for frame illumination.

The Efficiency 100 offers a very small, and agile FPV configuration, however it does not offer as much propeller clearance or stability of the 120 counterpart.  Please note, most micro propellers will slightly overlap the accessory plate assembly holes and any cover plates used.  This is often not a problem, however propellers may interfere if they are positioned close to the frame.

The Efficiency 120 provides an excellent mix of agility stability and propeller clearance.  Propellers slightly over 66mm will clear the assembly holes and any cover plates used.

Efficiency 140 and 160 frames are only available In Polycarbonate with 8.5mm motor mounts and provide less agile flight characteristics with added propeller clearance for increased camera field of view. These frames provide the same central mounting area and mounting holes as the 100 and 120 size frames.

Please Note: accessory plates listed below include recommended assembly hardware, however if accessory plates are spaced both above and below the frame, standoffs will likely be required to complete assembly.  A selection of 2-56 standoffs are available on the Hardware/fasteners page.

Top Cover Plates:
Rectangular plates with 4 holes that line up with the frame mounting holes and can be installed above a flight controller to act as a top/cover plate.  Flexible bonnet and windshield style canopies are also available and requires drilling holes in the side of the frame.  A 62 size wire gauge drill bit (or slightly larger) may be used to drill these pilot holes and is available here.

Frame Extension Plates:
Attach these at the front or back 2 assembly holes to  lengthen the central frame section by approximately .87″ (22.1mm).

Bottom Plate/Battery Trays:
Similar to top/cover plates, but include optional tabs which lengthen the usable surface area.

Camera mounting plate set:
Used in conjunction with a frame extension or tabbed plate to allow a micro camera to be secured.  A set of 3 plates with varying heights are included along with a sliding top plate to allow a variety of camera angles.  Hot glue or similar will typically be required to secure cameras to plate used.  Mounting hole is 11mm, please verify camera clearance before ordering.

Motor mounts:
Designed to fit 6, 7 and 8.5mm brushed motors
Since these motor mounts are manufactured using an SLA process some of the internal features will likely be filled with a plastic powder.  This material can be removed from these areas with a razor knife, toothpick or other small tool.  Occasionally, light scraping or sanding may be required to install a motor into a mount or mount onto a frame.

Material Notes:
All Efficiency FPV racer frames are manufactured from 1/8″ thick material.

Carbon fiber Birch core material frames are supplied with a twill weave gloss surface on 1 side and a textured finish on the other.  Either side may be used as the top surface.  Since the core of this material is birch plywood, the edges of the profiles are of a wood color. This can be easily colored with a permanent marker or painted if desired.

Polycarbonate frames are supplied clear in color with a smooth surface on each face.  Although slightly heavier and less rigid than the Carbon Fiber / Birch core frames, the flexibility of Polycarbonate generally leads to higher durability.