Hex Shark

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The Hex shark expands on the shark 135 by offering configurations capable of constructing a Hex setup.  With more flight controllers capable of driving 6 brushed motors becoming available, the hex shark frames are now being made readily available.

The standard shark hex is available as a 152mm spider hex shape based on a circular layout with the space between the front 2 motors increased for a better camera view.

The skinny hex features the same front and rear motor spacing, however the entire layout is elongated to allow for the center motors to be pulled inward, narrowing up the entire setup to provide a more streamlined configuration.

Both hex shark frame styles are capable of running up to 66mm propellers and use the same fin kit as the 135 Shark frames which may be interchanged between frames.



Shark frames are manufactured 1/8″ Polycarbonate
Fin plates are manufactured from 1/16″ Polycarbonate
Connecting rods manufactured from 1/8″ Polycarbonate/ABS