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The Integrated Extreme frame is designed specifically to replace the stock frame of the RC Eye One Xtreme quadcopter.  Designed with encouragement and feedback from the RC community, this frame integrates mounts for the stock motors right into the frame offering a very simple frame replacement option.

Integrated Extreme frames feature cutouts and slots for potential installation and positioning of 5mm LED to optimally illuminate the frame.

All frames also feature 3mm mounting holes centered on a 30X30mm square in the center of each frame for optional mounting of many readily available flight controllers.

The following is included with each complete frame purchase:
1 Main frame with integrated motor mounts
1 Top plate/Flight controller cover
6 M3X30mm Black nylon screws (2 extra)
18 M3 Black Nylon Nuts (2 extra)
10 #004 Buna-N O-rings (2 extra)
4 steel 2-56 button head socket screws
4 Steel 2-56 Nylock Nuts
1 Allen Wrench for tightening motor clamps

Please note a 1/4″ wrench or small pliers will likely be required to hold the steel nylock nuts when turning the 2-56 screw  to clamp onto each motor.


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Integrated Extreme are manufactured from 3/16″ thick clear Polycarbonate material.

Integrated Extreme main frame with hardware and battery strap weight: approximately 39.2 grams
Included top plate Weight: approximately 4.8 grams

Installation instructions initially provided from RC Groups member jperrigo:

1) While assembling make sure that the recesses by the motor mounts are on the top (these are for the motor wires).

2) Put four of the included nylon screws through the bottom of the frame coming out the top. These go in the holes that are furthest out on the main portion of the frame.

3) Thread one nut onto each screw and finger tighten (or slightly more).

4) Place one rubber O-ring on each screw and slide it down on top of the nut.

5) Place the EOX FC over the screws making sure the back (end with the battery clip) is aligned with the side of the frame that has the cutout for the bind switch.

6) Place another rubber O-ring on each screw and slide it down on top of the FC.

7) Thread another nut onto each screw and finger tighten. This should sandwich the two O-rings and FC. Make sure the FC can’t move but don’t tighten them too hard or the O-rings won’t provide the necessary vibration damping.

8) Slide the base of a stock EOX motor into each of the holes at the end of the arms so it extends slightly past the bottom side of the frame. Make sure the wires are coming out facing the FC so they fit in the square recessed area in the frame. You have a little bit of room to adjust the motors up and down but make sure that the motor housing will not be rubbing on the wires.

9) Holding the affixed nuts with a 1/4″ wrench or pliers, tighten the allen screws at the end of the arms just until each motor is held securely in a mount and cannot be pushed upward from the bottom by hand.  An additional 1/4 turn may be added for extra security, however care should be taken to ensure the clamp is no over tightened.  Thorough inspection of each motor clamp should be completed during every pre-flight inspection and after every crash.  If visible cracks or defects are observed please cease use of the frame immediately.

10) Insert your motor wires into the blocks on the FC and screw them down. I threaded the wires through some straws just to make things look a little cleaner.

11) Install your blades on your motors.

12) Thread another nut onto each of the nylon screws. Check to see where your blades line up and adjust the nuts up or down so that the blades will not line up directly with the top plate. The alignment doesn’t really matter with the stock RC logger blades (short ones) or with the bullnose 5045 props.

13) Place the top plate over the screws and check to make sure there is some clearance from the props. Adjust the nuts up or down as needed.

14) Thread another nut onto each of the screws and tighten them down to hold the top plate in place.

15) Install whatever legs you want. I’m using long RC logger legs and mounting them with zipties).

16) Go fly!

3 reviews for Integrated Extreme Frames

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I helped Dave design this frame last fall(October, 2014 ?) by sending him Xtreme parts to measure for dimensions. So I have had 2 prototypes since at least November, 2014. The second one has integrated motor mounts and I have been flying the stock Xtreme motors on it for at least 3 months. I have never had a motor come loose or move at all, despite some hard crashes. It is also the best lit night flyer I have due to the integrated LED lights. I trimmed all the extra weight from mine that I could including the stock canopy. With this frame, the EOX fc and motors, and FC6045 props, mine weighs in without battery at 146 grams, 11 grams lighter than the stock Xtreme with stock 138mm props. Here is a link to his thread and a picture of my hybrid Xtreme with this frame: . These are great frames.:)

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    David (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful frame. Perfect in every way, it was a joy to transfer my (stock) EOX components across to this frame.
    The entire conversion took about half an hour.
    It is lighter, stronger, stiffer and better in every way than the standard frame. I cannot speak more highly of the quality, value and workmanship of this design.
    From my experience, all Picnic quads are of the highest quality, and the designer is passionate and a brilliant designed/builder/flier.
    What more can I say except “do yourself a favour and make your EOX fly properly”

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    after receiving the first frame I just had to buy another one I love them they are great quality

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