195 Plus Jolly Roger


The Jolly Roger uses the same center sections and features the same motor mounting as the modular 195 Plus frame.  Designed by Ben Newman, the arms have been modified, and a special skull flight controller cover is included for a skull and bones “Jolly Roger” theme.

Jolly Roger Frames feature 30X30mm and 60X60mm square pattern holes for assembly and include 8 1″ long M3 Steel screws and 8 steel nuts to assemble the frame.   12 black Nylon nuts and 8 O-rings are included for flight controller and cover mounting.

All Jolly roger frames feature 4 sets of  M2 clearance slots for motor mounting on 12-14mm bolt circles to accommodate use of a wide selection of motors.

A mini Battery strap is also included with each Jolly Roger frame, however Dual lock velcro is also available and recommended for added security and ease of use.

6mm long M2 screws are recommended for securing motors to these frames,and are sold separately.  A selection of Screws are available in the Hardware section.

Custom mounting configurations are available upon request.

Don’t Forget:
Additional Hardware

For an excellent example of a Jolly Roger build See This Post from RC groups member Fyathyrio.

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Jolly Roger frame plates are manufactured from 1/8″ thick material and boom arms are from 3/16″ thick material.

Weights listed below include the 1/16″ thick Skull shaped Flight Controller cover which weigh approximately 2.8 grams.

Jolly Roger Carbon Fiber \ Birch core frame weight with included hardware: Approximately 57.0 grams
Jolly Roger Carbon Fiber \ Birch core weight of frame parts only: Approximately 41.3  grams

Frame Notes:
Frame Size: Refers to approximate distance diagonally between motor centers.

Carbon fiber Birch core material frames are supplied with a gloss surface on 1 side and a textured finish on the other.  Either side may be used as the top surface.  Since the core of this material is birch plywood the edges of the profiles are of a wood color. This can be easily colored as desired with a permanent marker.