Micro Folding Series *New Brushless Options

Folding frames provide the convenience of portability and offer increased durability since arms will often fold on hard impacts.  Parts can also be changed or replaced without requiring a complete new frame.

Use the options below to configure the micro folding frame of your choice. Components from each category may also be purchased individually.

*Brushless options now available:
Folding Arms for 11xx series motors
V2 Tiny Hawk, V2 “Beakless” Tiny Hawk and V2 Folding Platform frame plates updated to include 16X16mm and 20X20mm central mounting holes.



The Expandable Sliding X 85-120
An X shaped frame designed to allow the motor arms to slide inward and outward allowing for the working frame to be varied from approximately 85-120mm.
Assembly screw tension can be varied to allow for an expandable/collapsible configuration or locked down if a specific frame size is desired.
Provides the ability to somewhat “tune” the frame to flight controllers that do not allow tuning adjustments themselves.

The Peanut 100
Features a very compact backward folding design.
A lightened version features standard Carbon fiber Birch core top plate and lightened bottom stiffening plate.

The Tiny Hawk 120
The Tiny Hawk is a scaled down version of the Sparrow Hawk designed by Ben Newman and features a well laid out forward folding design including a tab at the front of the top plate providing plenty of space for accessory/camera mounting. The Tiny Hawk is available with 1/16″ thick Carbon fiber Birch core or Polycarbonate main top and bottom frame plates.

The Jack Foldback 120
Features a backward folding design similar to the Peanut 100 but larger and with the base of the rear arms spaced apart to provide an effective, but small folding design.
Allows installation of a battery within the frame if appropriate frame spacers or standoffs are used.
A lightened version is also available and features a Carbon fiber Birch core top plate and lightened 0.025″ thick carbon fiber bottom stiffening plate which also includes tabs to aid in battery mounting. 4 1/4″ long standoffs are also included with the lightened version.

The Folding Platform 120
Features a simple inward folding design inspired by the original platform frames.

Frame Notes:
Micro folding main frame plates are manufactured from 1/16″ thick material.
Micro folding arms and spacer sets are manufactured form 1/8″ thick material.

Frame Size: Refers to approximate distance diagonally between motor centers.