Micro Hex Frames *Sale

4 different micro hex frame variations are available in clear Polycarbonate with integrated 8.5mm motor mounts.  Following the trend of the integrated series these frames all feature slots and cutouts to allow installation of 3mm LEDs directly into the frame. 2-56 threaded holes are also included next to each motor mount, allowing included 2-56 screws to be threaded into the frame to act as a landing skid and also help protect the bottom of each motor.  6 clear micro rubber bands are also included to help secure motor wires to each frame.

Please note limited flight controller options are currently available for micro brushed hex configurations.  New options are on the horizon, however in the meantime please ensure available flight controller options are considered before purchasing a micro hex frame.





Frame Notes:
Frame Size: Refers to approximate distance diagonally between motor centers.
Hex frames are manufactured from 1/8″ thick clear Polycarbonate material.