Micro Motor mounts

From: $0.70

Use to secure motors to Non-Integrated frames.
1-2 Spares are suggested, priced and sold individually.
*Wide arm Mounts are required for Wide arm frames.


3d printed motor mounts are supplied in a strong, flexible plastic with a white frosted finish, but can also be colored to the users choice using permanent colored pens/markers as shown below.

Please note: when installing these motor mounts on 3mm carbon tubing adhesive may be required to secure them properly.  A small amount of hot glue or other removable adhesive is recommended.

Since these motor mounts are manufactured using an SLA process some of the internal features will likely be filled with a plastic powder.  This material can be removed from these areas with a razor knife, toothpick or other small tool.  Occasionally, light scraping or sanding may be required to install a motor into a mount or mount onto a frame.