160-225mm Brushless frames

Mini frames designed for use with brushless motors are available in 160, 195 and 225 sizes, in solid 1 piece and modular configurations.

Solid 1 piece Carbon Fiber/Birch core frames are the lightest option and are designed with optimal flight performance in mind.
Polycarbonate frames are a bit heavier and more flexible but generally offer increased durability.
Modular CF/Birch frames are generally the heaviest option but are very rigid and consist of 2 center plates and separate boom arms that can be replaced.

Frames feature 30X30mm square pattern holes for flight controller mounting. 195 sized modular frames also have holes positioned on a 50X50mm square pattern for assembly.  This is increased to 60X60mm on 195 plus, Jolly Roger and  225 modular frames.

Polycarbonate frames feature slots and channels to install 3mm LEDs directly into the base of each arm to illuminate the  entire frame.

6mm long M2 screws (sold separately) are recommended for securing motors to these 3/16″ thick frames.

Frames include a mini battery strap, and flight controller cover.
1 extra boom arm (5 total)  is now included with each complete modular frame purchase.