Motor spacers for LED Illumination


Clear Polycarbonate motor spacers are available with a cutout for a common 3mm LED to be installed and illuminate the base of each motor.  This can provide an excellent orientation aid if multiple colors are used and also allows for flying in lower light conditions while still allowing use of stiffer main frame materials.

The following sizes are currently offered and are designed to work with but not limited to the selection of motors listed.
16mm:  Designed to work with 1104 sized motors with a 9mm M2 bolt circle
22mm: Designed to work with 1306, 1407, 1612, and 1804 motors with a 12-14mm M2 bolt circle
30mm: Designed to work with 2204 and 2206 motors with 16-19 M3 bolt circle

Please note most common 3mm LEDs include a small lip at the base of the LED which may have to be lightly filed or sanded to ensure it doesn’t protrude beyond the 1/8″ thick Polycarbonate material.  Also keep in mind these spacers will require motor mounting screws to be ~3mm longer.

Spacers are sold in sets of 4

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Set of 4 16mm Motor Spacers approximate weight: 2 grams
Set of 4 22mm Motor Spacers approximate weight: 4 grams
Set of 4 30mm Motor Spacers approximate weight: 8 grams

Material Notes:

All motor spacers are manufactured from 1/8″ thick clear Polycarbonate material.