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The NQXR series is designed to work directly with the stock components from the Blade nQX and nqx FPV.  Although these frame can technically accept motor mounts for larger 8.5mm motors, they were designed mainly with 6-7mm motors and the nQX Flight controller in mind.

The standard NQXR frame option is constructed from rigid Carbon fiber/birch core material and is a great option for precise line of sight flying.

The NQXR-LT is a lightened version of the standard NQXR frame featuring a reduced profile aimed at pushing the abilities of the NQX even further.  These frames have been reduced as far as possible for maximum performance while maintaining high rigidity and the ability to handle light crashes.

The NQXR-I (Integrated) frame is a Polycarbonate version of the NQXR that features integrated 6mm motor mounts.   These frames also include a 2-56 size threaded hole next to each motor mount so screws or standoffs can be added as an optional landing skid.   Although not as rigid as the original NQXR, multiple test frames received positive feedback and are now being made available due to customer requests.

The NQXR-FPV is a modified version of the standard NQXF frame and features mounting holes to mount included cover/top plate and frame extension camera mount.

Although testing and feedback has shown these frames are compatible with the 0615-14 motors available, if using more powerful motors than the stock nQX motors please read this information before making a frame/motor selection.  These frames are also compatible with the components from the Eachine CG023.

Please note the nQX flight controller, motors and propellers shown are not included.




Frame Notes:
All NQXR frames are manufactured from 1/8″ thick material.
Frame Size: Refers to approximate distance diagonally between motor centers.

Carbon fiber Birch core material frames are supplied with a gloss surface on 1 side and a textured finish on the other.  Either side may be used as the top surface.  Since the core of this material is birch plywood the edges of the profiles are of a wood color. This can be easily colored as desired with a permanent marker.

3d printed motor mounts are supplied in a strong, flexible plastic with a white frosted finish, but can also be colored to the users choice using permanent colored pens/markers as shown below.

4 reviews for NQXR series

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason (verified owner)

    Makes an epic little quadcopter. I got both the NQXR and NQXR-LT versions. I put the stock motors on the LT version and the (medium) speed motors on the NQXR. Careful placement of everything makes this a rock sold little platform. Couldn’t be happier. This should be advertised to more NQX owners because the install is a snap once you figure out which motors go where (hint: white/black wires go on the front left. You can work it out from there)

    Build time: maybe 25 mins from pulling stuff off the Nano to flying the NQXR. Second build went a lot faster

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great little frame and excellent value for money. I used this for a custom build based on a NQX FPV board I had spare.

    My setup:
    NQXR frame
    NQX FPV board
    MMW 6mm Medium Motors
    CG023 props
    Turnigy 160mah LiPo

    Total AUW came out about 2-3 grams more than stock, so the LT version would probably be better for stock motors. The MMW motors more than make up for the additional weight and the overall stiffness of the frame coupled to the extra power makes for a much more responsive model. Good stuff indeed.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mr.Kevin.Lowry (verified owner)

    I purchased the NQXR-I frame a few months ago to resurrect my old NQX.


    My NQX had been shelved for over a year from burnt motors and a broken frame, but when I saw this frame I knew I had to have it. I fly with the stock NQX FC and old Race Edition Motors from my Tiny Whoop (14,800kv) and the thing flies like CRAZY w/ 205mah MyLipos. I have no FPV gear on it, so it is super light (21.5 AUW), but the thing has completely replaced my Inductrix for LOS flying in my backyard. I NEVER remembered my original NQX flying like this, its great. No flex that I can tell, and with modified 55mm props, the thing hovers at 25% throttle and punches out like crazy. Now that I think about it, I dont think I have actually ever given it full throttle, because without orientation indicators, it disappears too quickly. Not to mention, it is practically silent. Only thing I hear is the high pitch electrical whine of the motors.

    Great product, great price. Would buy again. I recommend the NQXR frames whenever possible.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Terry.rigden (verified owner)

    Arrived in the UK promptly, I ordered the integrated version which is nicely made. I found it easier to insert the motors shaft first and one direction was easier than the other. Took me about 20 minutes to transfer the motors and flight controller from my std Nqx. I pushed the motors half way through and cut the protectors down to save weight. I didn’t use the big elastic bands or the stand offs. I protected the aerial with hot glue. It flies really nicely and is more precice than the standard model. Orientation is more difficult than the standard model as it’s more symmetrical, probably best to learn to fly a quad on the standard model. I fitted an LED headlight . All up weight is about a gram more than standard.

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