Micro Propellers

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A small selection of micro propellers are available directly from Picnic Quads.

All propellers are sold in sets of 4 (2 CCW and 2 CW).

*Please note depending on the propeller/motor selection and tolerances, propellers may require modification to ensure they fit tightly enough and are also able to properly protect motors.  The 2 videos included below outline methods to ensure an ideal propeller fit.



FPV racer 66mm: These are the largest applicable propellers and provide the most thrust of the selection of propellers offered.  Shaft bores are generally deep enough for propellers to seat completely against the motor.  These are a great option for most 0820-15 (and slower) motors but may overload faster motors (0820-17+).
66mm overall length and designed for 1.0mm motor shaft.
A set of 4 propellers weights approximately 1.5g


The video below shows how to ensure a propeller is setup to help prevent motor damage.  62 size drill bits are available here.
This video shows how to increase propeller tightness.