Proximity 92

The proximity 92 is a 92mm sized, efficiency FPV racer style frame, sized to work with the prop guard from the Hubsan H107C/D quadcopter.   Coupled with mounting holes to install an optional roll bar, cloverleaf antennas and propellers are protected against most moderate impacts making it an ideal frame for close quarters use.

Wide arms are provided for added durability.  This frame can also build a great Non-FPV sport flier with the option to install propeller protection.

Compatible with 8.5mm Wide Arm motor mounts only.


Please note: The FPV setup shown (not included) requires use of optional Hubsan H107C/D Propeller guard.  Any camera mounting will require use of adhesive or other attachment method determined by customer.

Hot glue is suggested and works well as used in the complete build pictured.  Clip on camera mounts are being investigation, however it is not expected that they will offer significant improvement and will likely limit the range of usable cameras as well as their mounting angle.
IMG_2002 IMG_2007

A micro FPV camera/transmitter combo can also be installed onto the cover plate and secured to a roll bar as shown below.  This results in a much simpler/easier build, however the propeller protector will likely obstruct some of the view unless the camera is tilted significantly.