Reflection series

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Frames cut from mirror backed Polycarbonate material are now available on a limited evaluation basis.  These frames are sure to shine in sunlight but also illuminate well for those who prefer single sided illumination during night flying.

Please note that although frames made from this material are just as durable as the standard clear Polycarbonate frames, the mirrored backing cannot withstand quite as much bending as the main frame material.  The video included below shows how the mirrored backing reacts to extreme bends.

Integrated Efficiency X 120 frames with 8.5mm motor mounts are currently the only frames readily available in this material until further evaluation is completed.  4x 1″ long 2-56 screws, micro rubber bands, and a 1X1″ double sided foam tape pad are included with each frame.  and Other 1/8″ thick frames may be made on special request.

Feedback in the form of a review is greatly appreciated on these new experimental frames.


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Integrated Reflection frames are manufactured from 1/8″ thick mirror backed clear Polycarbonate material.  The back side of the mirrored backing has a flat gray slightly textured color.

Frame weights below do not include the 4 included 2-56 screws or micro rubber bands.

A set of 4 1″ long screws weigh approximately 0.35 grams and when trimmed down to 1/2″ approximately 0.2grams.
A set of 4  micro rubber bands weigh approximately 0.04 grams.

Efficiency X frames are designed mainly with efficient use of frame material for maximum flight performance and reduced weight.  All efficiency X frames feature an X shape in the center of the frame that features cutouts and slots to install 3mm LEDs aiming outward to maximize frame illumination.
Efficiency X 120 Integrated 8.5mm Reflection Frame Weight: approximately 5.25 grams

Frame Notes:
All  reflection frames are manufactured from 1/8″ thick clear Polycarbonate material with a mirrored backing.

Frame Size: Refers to approximate distance diagonally between motor centers.

Mirrored Polycarbonate frames are supplied clear in color with a smooth reflective surface on one side and a slightly textured matte gray surface on the other.  Although slightly heavier and less rigid than the Carbon Fiber / Birch core frames, the flexibility of Polycarbonate leads to higher durability.

The Video below provides some information on the durability of the mirrored backing:


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