Smiling Flier 100 Frames



The smiling flier is a 100 sized X shape frame designed to resemble a tiny person in flight.  For these frames a rather insignificant compromise in performance was made to make this novelty design possible. This frame can still produce a very agile quadcopter with great flight characteristics.  It’s also worth noting that the width of the main body is narrow enough to allow use of the stock bottom motor connectors on the nQX FC board.


The smiling flier was designed to resemble a tiny person in flight.  Made from a Carbon fiber Birch core sandwich material the smiling flier 100 frames comes in at approximately 3.0 grams.  Making minute compromises in performance and durability compared to the Efficiency line, the smiling flier still results in a very agile frame with great flight characteristics.  The head of the smiling flier can also potentially be used to help protect micro camera lenses for potential FPV Use.The Smiling Flier 100 is available in both 1/8″ thick Carbon Fiber/Birch core, and 1/8″ Polycarbonate.

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Frame Notes:

Carbon Fiber / Birch Core Frame Weight: approximately 3.0 grams

Polycarbonate Frame Weight: approximately 3.7 grams

Frame Size: Approximately 100mm diagonally between motor centers

Carbon fiber Birch core material frames are supplied with a gloss surface on 1 side and a textured finish on the other.  Either side may be used as the top surface.
Since the core of this material is birch plywood the edges of the profiles are of a wood color. This can be easily colored as desired with a permanent marker.

Polycarbonate frames are supplied clear in color with a smooth surface on each face.  Although slightly heavier and less rigid than the Carbon Fiber / Birch core frames, the flexibility of Polycarbonate leads to higher durability.