Super Light Foldable 115

The Super Light Foldable (SLF) 115 was inspired by the Hubsky 115 and features the same 21X35mm available area between the folding arms but uses a single connection point to enable folding action.

A single blue anodized aluminum screw and lock nut are used at the base of each folding arm to secure it in place.  This results in a very simple, rigid design capable of a very light weight build.  Assembled with 8.5mm motor mounts a complete frame weight of approximately 6.5 grams is possible.  A roll bar can also be added similarly as in the FPV micro racer build shown here.

Please note, depending on the severity of impacts and the screw tension applied, folding arms arms may deflect in a crash requiring realignment. this is done by visually aligning them with the small tabs on the bottom plate.  No stop or detent is present, screw tension determines the force required to move arms.
5/16″ clearance exists between frame plates once assembled with the included spacers as shown.  Flight controllers with micro JST connectors installed will likely need to be mounted above the top plate.


Here is a sample video showing this frame in action: